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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 1, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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breaking news at this hour, the manhunt under way in a major american city. the officer killed, the suspects running, the fbi, the u.s. marshals joining the intense search at this hour, schools on lockdown, trains halted. also tonight, the standoff at the county clerk's office. the same sex couples who want to get married. the clerk saying she's standing her ground under god's authority. should she keep her job. the fears along a stretch of highway, shattered windshields rngs four shootings in four hours. a girl in the front seat hit with flying glass, a tour bus also hit. tonight just back from our exclusive with pope francis. what he's saying about abortion and forgiveness and the moment that had this single mother in tears.
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good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. we begin with the manhunt under way as we come on the air tonight. a police officer, a father of four, shot and killed in suburban chicago. the fbi, the u.s. marshals on the scene. you can see the officer there on the train tracks searching tonight. authorities going door to door. police dogs searching for a trail. this veteran officer killed in the line of duty after a routine traffic stop turned deadly. there are now three suspects at large, considered armed and dangerous. dramatic images coming in from the scene, helicopters searching from above for hours. on the ground, swat teams positioned on rooftops. they are warning neighbors to be vigilant. >> reporter: tonight, a massive manhunt underway for three armed and dangerous suspects after 30-year veteran police officer joe gliniewicz was shot and killed. >> special attention, fox lake surrounding area units, officer
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safety, man with gun. >> reporter: just before 8 a.m. gliniewicz reported seeing three suspicious people in suburban fox lake, illinois, 55 miles north of chicago. authorities say gliniewicz radioed in to say he was chasing the three men on foot, before losing contact. >> a male white and a male black fled from scene, taking the officer's sidearm and pepper spray. shots were fired, unknown direction of travel. >> reporter: the suspects, two white men and one black man, on the run. the sheriff's department scrambles resources, and when they arrive on the scene, they find gliniewicz with a gunshot wound. >> send everybody you possibly can, officer is down. >> reporter: gliniewicz, nicknamed "g.i. joe," was a married father of four. >> today, not only did fox lake lose a family member, i lost a very dear friend. >> reporter: all day schools placed on lockdown, train service stalled, as s.w.a.t. teams swept the neighborhood from above, and on the ground, canine units scouring back yards and nearby woods.
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authorities warning residents to be vigilant. >> we're asking for residents in the fox lake area to be on alert if they see anything suspicious. dial 911 immediately. no tip is too small. >> reporter: david, tonight officers from all over are extending their con dell enss to the gliniewicz family saying they are forever indebted to him for his service. now to another developing story here this evening, the showdown in kentucky. inside a county clerk's office, it's now reaching a boiling point. that showdown over gay marriage. one county clerk elected there, defying the supreme court, turning away gay couples, refusing to issue licenses. this evening that clerk saying she's obeying the law of god. now the debate, should she keep her job. abc's alex perez in county with what the judge is now saying tonight. >> under whose authority? >> under god's authority.
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>> reporter: today a tense standoff in a small kentucky town. county clerk kim davis refusing to issue any marriage licenses because of her religious objection to same sex marriage. these men together 7 years trying to get a license from davis ever since the supreme court made marriage a right. getting turned away again and again. davis telling the courts she was exercising her right to religious freedom, but late last night, the supreme court refusing to intervene on her behalf. >> you absolutely had disrespected us. you're treating us like second class citizens, telling us we don't deserve the same rights that you have. would you do this to an interracial couple? >> a man and a woman, no. >> reporter: the clerk insisting she is standing up for her beliefs. >> i simply told you all i'm willing to face my consequences as you all will face your
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consequences when it comes time for judgment, plain and simple. that's your choice. >> reporter: davis saying to issue a marriage license which conflicts with god's definition of marriage with my name on the certificate would violate my conscious. it is not a light decision for me. it is a heaven or hell decision. >> she wants to be obedient to her lord and to what she believes. for her, she cannot violate her conscience rights and religious freedom. >> reporter: today this couple promise to keep coming back until they can get a marriage license in the county where they live. >> if we go to another county then we're saying that it's okay to discriminate against us, and we can't do that. >> reporter: the aclu has filed a motion to have davis held in contempt of court and fined. the judge has given her until the end of the day tomorrow to respond. david? >> alex perez in kentucky tonight, thanks. tonight the fbi is investigating images out of san antonio, texas. it appears that you can see in the video here a man with hands
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up in the air, then two sheriffs deputies opening fire, the victim falling to the ground. he did not survive. those officers now on administrative leave and under scrutiny. many asking why for three minutes afterward did they not give that victim any medical help. abc's matt gutman in texas. >> reporter: it seemed a routine domestic incident in this san antonio neighborhood. in that video purchased by abc affiliate ksat, you see police try to corner a suspect, 41-year-old gilbert flores. finally, he appears to obey orders, surrendering, arms in the air. then, without warning cops draw their weapons, and -- [ gunshots ] >> reporter: watch again, a telephone pole obscures his left arm. >> they just cold-blooded killed that [mute]. >> reporter: you can see an officer flip him over, but for the next three minutes none appears to administer first aid. flores died later at a hospital. a man who asked to be identified as adam said he watched the
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entire incident. >> she shot an unarmed man almost half naked. >> the sheriff's office said she had threatened them with a knife and claims he attacked his girlfriend and an 18-month-old. after the shooting one of the sheriff's first moves was to blast ksat, calling it unethical, and urging citizens to call the station to complain. >> what do you think of the conduct of your officers? >> certainly it is disturbing. it's cause for certain. and the important thing is that we look at all of the evidence. >> reporter: the shooting is now being investigated by the fbi's civil rights division and key to its case could be a second video shot by one of these neighbors from much closer. now, the sheriff's office says it has the video, david, but won't release it. >> matt gutman in texas, matt, thank you. now to the extreme weather tonight and the heated wave hitting as millions of school children head back to school. also three storms churning in the pacific.
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we're trafficking it. a deluge in the southwest, thousands without power this evening. just look at the sheets of rain at the phoenix airport. heavy rains in tempe as well. >> oh, my god! sg >> a lot of extreme weather and crippling heat in the midwest as well. ginger zee reporting in tonight. >> reporter: serious flash flooding. two to four inches of rain sloshing into galveston texas streets in less than two hours today. the same system forcing water rescues in brownsville monday. almost a half foot of rain, cars bobbing in the streets. and in phoenix -- >> one of the telephone poles snapped in two, all of the power went out. >> reporter: more than 65,000 customers without power. a late season push of monsoon storms, teeming with 65 miles per hour wind gusts. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: plucking and snapping trees, clawing off roofs. and from philadelphia to new
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york city, another official heat wave. baking in this september heat as kids go back to school, coaches in new jersey taking extra precaution. >> we're all kind of maintaining and watching them. there's always water breaks constantly. >> sometimes we face this when the kids head back to school, summer doesn't want to let go but you're tracking it all tonight. >> new york city has officially had their third warmest august on record, david. september not letting up. the heat still on from the midwest into the mid south. this is just for wednesday. we're doing 10 to 15 degrees above average but you look at september and the climate prediction center is putting above average temperatures everywhere east of the rockies, some pockets even warmer than that as we go through the rest of the month. >> you're also tracking what's happening in the pacific, the storms lining up tonight. >> it looks like a parade of storms in the pacific. the one that is closest to our land would be closest to hawaii, still though 200 to 300 miles
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away. we turn to alaska, president obama hiking near the glacier, the first sitting president to visit arctic alaska. tonight, republican front-runner donald trump diving into the debate, calling it an insult to ohio where mckinley was from, tweeting, if elected, he'll change the name right back. we turn overseas and to rome and global headlines at this hour over what pope francis declared today. presiding over mass in st. peter's square, just 24 hours after our visit to the vatican. tonight he's tackling a highly charged, highly personal issue, abortion, saying women can be forgiven, saying he understands the pressure women feel, the scars abortion leaves on their hearts. tonight right here, what he said to a single mother right here in the u.s. during our time with
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the pope that had her in tears. >> reporter: inside the vatican walls, pope francis told us he is ready for his trip to the united states, and tonight on the eve of his historic visit, he is making global headlines when it comes to forgiving women who have had abortions. declaring today that he will allow priests in this upcoming year of mercy to absolve women of the sin of abortion. if they repent in his words, "with contrite heart." pope francis saying he is aware there are many women who feel they have no choice. i have met so many women who bear in their heart the scar of this agonizing and painful decision, he rode. "i am well aware of the pressure that led them to this decision. i know that it is a moral ordeal." tonight, the vatican making it clear forgiveness for abortion does not mean the church condones it. pope francis making that clear during our time with him during our conversation with americans in three different cities. he was listening to a single mother, rosemary, from los angeles, who told him this. >> i made some mistakes as a
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person, as a mother. i felt guilty at times and ashamed. >> reporter: he thanks her, offers a personal message. you are a courageous women, he says because you brought your daughters into the world. you could have killed them in your womb but you respected life. telling rosemary to walk with her head held high. she wiped away tears after the pope acknowledged her struggles and strength. then he daughter revealed this to us, what she had carried all along with her just in case. >> in case i bump into the pope one day, i carry questions that i wrote in my binder. >> carrying questions for the pope in her binder and she got the chance as we were right there at the vatican with the pope. friday night, a special edition of "20/20," the pope and our virtual papal audience with americans in three different cities, the questions for the pope, their moments with pope
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francis and our time inside the vatican, what he ree veeld, friday night at 10:00, right mr. we move on to california and the mystery on the football field. so many parents fear this can happen to their own children when they head back to school. two high school teammates suffering brain injuries in the same game. this evening, no one is sure exactly how this happened. abc's kayna whitworth on what the young players might have been doing on the field and off. >> reporter: tonight, two football players are suffering traumatic brain injuries. >> he wasn't looking right. it looked like he was exhausted. >> reporter: brown collapsed after the game and required emergency brain surgery. his family telling abc news, the bleeding was caused by a high impact blow to the head. schwartz was treated for a severe concussion and released but authorities are raising new questions tonight. >> thorough investigation is under way to ascertain exactly what happened.
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including a review of game footage and other on-field factors. >> reporter: police say the off the field factors include the arrest of a high school classmate accused of distributing the stimulant adder all. >> the rumor that we heard about as adderall. >> reporter: police say they have not established a connection between the suspect and the football team, but by adding adderall to the official investigation it's adding new questions about how the drug might affect athletic performance. still there's no evidence either athlete took the stimulant. right now officials are combing through game footage to see if they can pinpoint the moment the boys were hurt. also, david, nick's parents saying he is responding to some stimuli. >> that's good news. kayna, thank you. we're going to turn to the economy and to wall street. stocks taking a dive today, the dow plummeting nearly 470 points, the weakest start to september in 13 years, a continuation of the wild market swings we saw last week, fueled by jitters out of china and
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fears the federal reserve could hike interest rates for the first time in ten years. we have a headline out of los angeles tonight after boston bowed out of the race to host the olympics citing costs, l.a. stepping in. the official u.s. candidate for the 2024 summer games. if chosen it would be l.a.'s third time hosting the olympics. growing fears along a stretch of american highway. four shootings in 48 hours. bullets flying through windows, a girl hurt in the front seat, a tour bus hit, too. the police warning at this hour. also the 12-year-old girl recording a stranger going house to house, trying to break in. you'll hear her brave call to 911. and news tonight about americans and their sleep. the number of hours you just might need to keep from getting sick, the magic number, when we come back. why do so many people choose aleve?
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stretch of interstate ten. a young girl hurt in one incident. abc's clayton sandell on the warning for drivers. >> reporter: four random freeway shootings and tonight one question, who is doing it. along interstate 10 in phoenix saturday morning, a bullet shatters the windshield of this suv, a 13-year-old girl inside cut by flying glass. minutes later a shot rips into this tour bus, putting holes through the seats. but luckily, driver robert donald was the only one on board. >> the person almost took me away from my family and almost caused catastrophic injuries to the other motorists on the street. >> reporter: two more cars were hit, one saturday night, another early monday. all four shootings within this 8-mile stretch. >> just random vehicles traveling on interstate 10. >> reporter: detectives in two other states are also trying to solve mystery highway sniper cases. near battle creek, michigan, at least six cars have been damaged and in northern colorado -- >> somebody just hit me and i'm
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bleeding from my neck and i'm scared. >> reporter: several shootings since spring, some of them linked. david, a task force is now investigating the cases here in colorado, but like the highway shootings in michigan and arizona, there are no suspects, no arrests. david? >> clayton, thank you. when we come back here, how many hours of sleep do you really need to help avoid getting sick. also the young girl calling 911 and recording on her phone here. what she did that protected her neighbors. daniel craig ready to move on as 007 but the controversy tonight over the actor passed over for the new bond. a reminder, here's what's coming up friday night. >> extraordinary, never before in the history of the vatican has this happened. friday night on abc, pope francis, the people's pope, speaking, connecting as only he can with americans across our country. surprising, inspiring. david muir is there at the vatican with the pope for this
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only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. a brave 12-year-old in massachusetts protecting her neighbors, using her phone to record video of a man appearing to go house to house trying to break in, the man trying to open her front door as she called 911. >> what is your emergency? >> i'm upstairs in the closet and i'm trying to hide. and i don't know what to do. he's wearing a red, auburn t-shirt and he's wearing a hat and has a rag in his back pocket. he's trying to get everywhere. >> police arresting the suspect a short time later. the headline about sleep and staying healthy. a new study finds less than six hours a night makes you four times more likely to catch a cold. researchers saying the single most important factor in staying
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finally, apparently what happens in vegas isn't staying in vegas. once here comes the bride. now it's there she goes. here's david wright.
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>> reporter: the old "honeymoon in vegas" ain't what it used to be. back in the day, the vegas wedding defied the city's slogan. for the chairman and mia farrow. for the king and priscilla presley. what happened in vegas, might just be for keeps. but the city clerk's office says weddings in sin city are now at a ten-year low. about 80,000 licenses issued this year compared to 130,000 a decade ago. maybe it's the fact that some more recent examples aren't exactly happily ever after. there are plenty of options. where else can you go through the drive-through tunnel of vows or take the plunge at 10,000 feet. so the dropoff has city officials nervous because what happens in vegas is also a billion dollar city. thank you for watching on a tu
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